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  • M Smith - Clearly - Shane Ellison cares

    I had heard about Shane's book and bought it before it's official launch date. I received it around noon on a Saturday and opened it up to check out the Contents and a little over 4 hours later I finished reading the entire book - clearly I couldn't put it down. This is a book of Aha moments. Ever have those? It's when something becomes SO clear and it applies to you SO much - you just have that Aha reaction to it. What is so brilliant about the way that Shane writes is that he is talking about something that would normally seem so complicated - reactions to certain drugs and certain vitamins, etc. on a cellular level in the body - normally pretty complicated stuff - but it is easily understood. And the information is VITAL. Seriously - our entire nation, our entire planet - is being very, very negatively impacted by Big Pharma and Shane just states the facts so you can understand WHY certain of these drugs are so deadly and WHY taking this certain over the counter supplement can resolve the problem in a natural way.

  • LibraChick - Only practice test

    This is definitely not a studyguide. I is a book with different CLEP exams in it with no definition on incorrect answers, The book is only useful if you want to take a repetitive CLEP practice test.

  • Amazon, Cue Ms. Ort! - Works best on newer scars and non-raised scars; seems to be slower-going on older and raised scars.

    I have slightly mixed feelings on this product. Overall, I think it works okay and probably the newer the scar, the better this product will heal it up. I have been using this daily after my shower on a few different scars across my body of different types: 1. A scar that's about 8 months old, raised texture (not keloid, though); 2. Stretch marks on the underside of my breast that are about 4-6 months old; and 3. A mix of new and old small scars from rashes I get on my chest whenever I'm exposed to sunlight (I have photosensitivity).

  • Amazon Customer - It doesn't work on my system and I can't get a refund

    I purchased this download to get the product key so I could renew my current installation of Norton 360. For whatever reason, Norton informed me when I attempted to use the key that it was not compatible with my installed copy of Norton360. I have no idea how one can tell which version of 360 might be compatible with another version, if there is actually a difference and not merely an excuse to force me to purchase an annual renewal directly from Norton for $60.

  • LeahBTX - Great Drill Kit

    Great Drill Kit! Very happy with my purchase. Works well and charges fast. Highly recommend this product and would buy again.

  • Stephen E. Golden - The lotion itself is quite nice and has a very faint fragrance that goes away ...

    Very difficult to get the pump primed. Seems the lotion got hard inside the tube. Had to flush it out first and then pump it umpteen times till it finally worked. The lotion itself is quite nice and has a very faint fragrance that goes away quickly. Would recommend.