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  • John A. Rauth, Jr. - Unbelievable. I was skeptical but this really works. THANK YOU BEVERLY!

    My friend Beverly R recommended this supplement to me a month ago when I was having an arthritis flare up. Forty seven is too darn young to have such painful fingers. I mentioned this to Bev and she told me about Doctors Best Serrapeptase.

  • A. Perez - Several songs that are relevant and fun, however many are only accessible if playing online

    It's okay, too many online only features. Several songs that are relevant and fun, however many are only accessible if playing online.

  • Tara Ramos - Hasn't helped with weight loss but still a good oil.

    everyone in my family is overweight. I gave this a try and it just hasn't worked for me, personally. I found out that it was my parathyroid that was out of balannce. I could have starved all day long and still not lost a pound, the oil didn't do the trick. However, I do believe it's still a good oil and could potentially help people trying to overcome certain food addictions. I give it my daughter to help break her from a soda addiction. I wouldn't pop poo it be I know it's worked for some & it doesn't hurt to try.

  • Moeneek - Well Damn!!!

    Key played no games when it came to Wale and vise versa. I'm happy to see that Taz finally got some closure from that horrible incident. This was very good read and as usual Ms. Jackson did not disappoint.

  • Amazon Customer - WARNING, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, STINKY, STICKY AND DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WARNING, DO NOT BUY!!!! After seeing this on shark tank I thought finally something I can use to get rid of fleas in our house. We have three (indoor) cats and this year the fleas are real bad. We bought $120.00 of this stuff directly from the site, waited 7 days for it to arrive and were so excited to use and solve our flea problem. The product is a STINKY, STICKY, SLOPPY MESS that made all of our cats sick, gave my wife and daughter a massive headache. Our cats got sick and would not eat their food for three days. The WHOLE HOUSE STINKS, the cats are STICKY AND SMELLY.

  • Raymond - A real piece of engineering crapola

    After you buy this and use it for a while, you will dislike it intently. The hose does not stretch, the toolds do not stay on the holder, they do not give you a way to clean the beater brush (sit on the floor with a screwdriver, scissors and pliers). YOu must wash the plastic dirt holder every time because the 'D"IRT does not fall out and it coats up. there are more engioneering snafus you will discover also.. My guess is that ALL Sharks suffer from these same afflictions. It's your money spend it like you want.

  • KB1JKI - Excellent.

    It works very effectively. Better than carrying a coffee press backpacking and certainly better than packing in and then out coffee filters. Also, better than instant coffee! The coffee was good, rich, and grind free. It's excellent.