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  • GWBush - After watching this TV the real world looks pixelated and fake

    When I watched Chuck Norris on this TV it cured me of Cancer. It also got my pit bull pregnant (which I thought was a coincidence until all the puppies were born with mullets).

  • Kenneth A. Cudnik - finance book

    excellent book , very thorough treatment of finance. New edition came out so I ended up keeping this one for my collection because resale was minimal. Financial CD with Thompson is also a plus

  • Sunlight_Morn - Cured my dog of AIHA

    My dog was diagnosed with Autoimmune hemolytic anemia - AIHA. She was placed on immuran and prednisone. I placed her on transfer factor along with it. After a week her PCV rose to the normal range. The Vets told me that she would always be on immuran and prednisone for the rest of her life. After 6 months I slowly weaned her off immuran, and prednisone.(important to go very slow) and kept her on the transfer factor. That was in 2005. It's the last evening in 2012 as I write this and my dog is still with me and never had another relapse. I recommend this for canines and felines. Make sure you look up the info for pets online ( shirleyswellness dot com ) is a great research resource for humans and animals. Excellent product.

  • S. Boulware - Bought this for my Dad.

    My dad watched that infomercial about cleartv and asked me to order him one for grandma's TV. I already had an account with Amazon and wanted to try to find it here. I read a lot of reviews about the HD Clear Vision and figured "meh, close enough". Ordered, shipped and installed. He called and raved about how well it worked. He said the fuzz and the channels going in and out are now a thing of the past.

  • Charles B Dickey - Not only is Xzilon not good, it's bad

    I am still trying to find a dealer to buy a new Honda from that does not participate in this scam. Not only is Xzilon not good, it's bad. Ask any auto detail-er. I wrecks the factory clear coat, makes bugs and sap stick like you wouldn't believe and prevents you from giving your car a nice wax job.