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  • Red Bull - This THING must be taken out of the market

    This is such a BADLY designed toy that this is not even a toy. US must raise this in United Nations and all the freedom loving nations must pass a resolution strongly condemning it. Might even make sense to put trade embargoes against these Slinky guys. Whosoever designed this THING must hate humanity. They must be out of this world - might be even from another galaxy. I have hardly written a review of anything, but this THING really forced me to drop everything else and start writing a review. It is so poorly designed that not even NASA scientists can assemble this. Even a real radio can be created faster than assembling this thing. WHAT A RIP OFF!! Who designed this??? Forget an 8 year old - nobody, I mean nobody, regardless of any age or intelligence or expertise can assemble it. Put your money and time somewhere else.

  • Alicia Ortiz - but it's not fantastic. The only reason I purchased this product is ...

    This little trimmer does a decent job of removing hair, but it's not fantastic. The only reason I purchased this product is because I will be having surgery soon with an external leg fixator, and will be unable to shave with a normal razer. This will cut leg hair decent enough to where other people can't see it, but don't expect it to be silky smooth after shaving.

  • Jenny - Works good and pain free!

    Love this brush! I have a German Shepard/ Husky mix dog and this brush does a great job removing her undercoat. It is the first brush that she will let me use without acting like it is hurting her skin. I just did a few strokes and got a lot of fur out! The brush is comfortable to hold in your hand while brushing making it really easy to use. I would definitely recommend this brush to pet owners, especially during shedding season.

  • Steve Cataldo - Great product, great price, intriguing name

    This is going to be similar review to the Green Coffee Bean Extract review, as I've been using those pills in combination with the Garcinia Cambogia for the last few weeks. Combined they have not only helped me to curb my appetite, but I have also helped me to lose about 15-20 pounds of weight with proper diet and daily walking. The dosage on the Cambogia is a little bit larger, at 3 pills prior to each meal, but they were very effective. I used to keep eating and eating until the plate was empty, or the pizza was gone. Once I started taking the full dosage of Cambogia, after a small meal I would feel full. I didn't want to keep eating. And even when I went all out, and got a pizza, I could barely finish it without feeling stuffed.

  • Amazon Customer - a very nice pickup, especially given the price of $16

    Looks very clean and sleek. Slim fit, nit very bulky. Improves the grip of the phone, but not significantly. Overall, a very nice pickup, especially given the price of $16.

  • Amazon Customer - It is the worst vacuum bag in my opinion

    It is the worst vacuum bag in my opinion. I tried a large bag. It seemed ok at first but after a couple of minutes it filled with air. When I Checked the bag I saw a tear on it. I also tried a medium bag. It worked only 8-9 minutes and started to fill with air. After a day it filled fully with air. I did everything properly. It was not full and closed very well. Every time it filled with air when I vacuumed it. The problem is the plastic they used. It cracks because of the air pressure. It is a waste of money. Don't spend a penny.