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  • PaulM - Kindle Version is Too Limiting

    These comments are for the Kindle version. While I thought it would be nice to have a compact e-book version rather than the 3-inch or so thick printed paper version, the Kindle version was somewhat disappointing to use. The index is not hyper-linked nor does it list page numbers, so it is a mostly useless list of topics that could be found "somewhere". I was specifically looking for information on how to report K-1 income for stock-based partnerships, and there were small bits of reference scattered in multiple sections, making it awkward to find or extract needed information. Next time, I'm going back to a printed book.

  • smichel88 - Best value for your money

    Best value for your money. After we bought this and took it to get installed the people at the shop were saying how with every thing this has it should be $800. People have even asked to buy it from us Which is funny to me.The style makes it look like it came with the car originally.

  • E. E. Jacquot - Be aware that this book contains some pretty notable mistakes

    Be aware that this book contains some pretty notable mistakes. Specifically, on pg 132, the diagram of the heart is labeled wrong in two places (the atria are both mislabeled as "right aorta"). There is no contact information anywhere for the publisher, and it appears they print the book once you order it. I would recommend going with a bigger name publisher/study guide for this type of material.

  • smajjr - yuck

    Arrived DoS. Tried replacing battery, still sporatic with power. I've completed setup 3times and even motion doesn't bring it to life

  • Amazon Customer - A Slim Version of What Most SP People Know

    Although there are a few decent tid-bits of knowledge here e.g. the Sharepoint Tab Page chapter, most of the material here is a rehash of what most of us that have been in the SharePoint space for 1.5+ years should know. I bought the book primarily becase I saw both Mark Miller and Marc D. Anderson had penned it, but I have seen much better material from both individuals on their sites/blogs that have a far greater impact. For example, Marc Anderson's work in the SP object model with his codeplex/jquery libraries that work with the SP classes on the client-side would haver been a great addition to this book. It would be quite welcome if the author Mark Miller take comments such as these to really put out the 'book' for us that are the hackers/client side guys/gals that do the Asif Rehmani thing - we do not do Visual Studio, but rely on the UI, SharePoint Designer and jquery to craft solutions.

  • Philip B - Amazing

    Works great. What stains were left disappeared over the year. Almost 2 years since I sprayed and nothing came back.