Academia Ecuatoriana de Otorrinolaringología - La Academia Ecuatoriana de Otorrinolaringología (AEO) es una asociación científica sin fines de lucro que agrupa a los especialistas otorrinolaringólogos de Quito y de las provincias del centro y norte del Ecuador.

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Cheripashka - I'm pretty sure I lost a kidney

    I nearly shat myself inside-out. Pretty sure I crapped out a kidney, or my spleen.. I definitely heard the distinctive "ching" of that penny I swallowed back in '82.....I can now fit back into the jeans I wore in high school... so not all bad, I suppose.

  • MONTANAMIKE - Would highly recommend it. I keep my spare keyless entry fob ...

    Had one of these for almost 10 years before the road salt and chemicals got to it. Would highly recommend it. I keep my spare keyless entry fob and some cash in it. Both in zip lock baggies and the fob wrapped in foil. The car does not sense the spare fob.

  • Dendronotus - Meets my criteria

    I wanted a case that held at least 3 cards, had a kickstand, and had a lip to protect the glass. Check, check, check. I previously had stowaways for other phones but I like this one better because the kickstand is nicer and more stable. Yes, it's thick but I'm ok with that.

  • briceius - This stuff is awesome.

    Tempo is a great product. The first time I used this for flea control in my yard, I made the mistake of starting in my yard and working toward the house, when I got to the house, fleas by the hundreds had migrated to my driveway and were jumping around dying. Fleas are not the only thing it controls however, but that's how well it works.

  • Fran - I was a skeptic but this stuff worked for me in Atlanta

    OK, brought this stuff, 2 large bottles at Costco. Figured if it was crap as I expected it would be, I'd take it back since that's how Costco works. Watered it down as instructed and sprayed one side of two stone steps which were covered in black Mildew. About a week later I noticed a definite difference but wasn't blown away by the results. It does say though, give it a few weeks. Yeah, right. However, I am about a month into leaving it and it's amazing. One side is still the black mildew and the other is about 80% cleaner and brighter. I am going to give another little spray and I reckon in 2-3 more weeks, it'll be as new. I deliberately didn't scrub it either!

  • Mandolin E. - Great Product and Great Sound Quality!

    I usually am not one to pay a lot for headphones because I tend to always get shorts in the cords or lose them. However, I was given the opportunity to use these and I could not be more satisfied. I am planning to purchase another pair as a gift for my nephew because he tends to be just as hard on his headphones as well. The headphones paired with my phone easily. The sound quality is nice and they are very comfortable o wear. They are pretty flexible and allow you to continue your normal activity and lift without the hassle of getting tied up in cords or other problems. The headphones came with a charger and did not take long to charge. I charged them for a couple of hours and was able to get through my entire 8 hour work day with them.

  • Amazon Customer - Caveat emptor

    We purchased the LiNX Cordless in September 2011. There is assembly required on arrival where you need to secure the handle to the vacuum body with a screw. This is a weak point - the vacuum should not, never, be purchased if you have stairs in your home because the handle flexes at this point and loosens to where the screw cannot hold the handle firmly to the body any longer. Also, the dirt collection trap, while an interesting design, is made entirely of plastic and the trap door for dumping the dirt collected, pivots on plastic pegs that broke off. Also, an inner piece that secures with a bayonet-type mount cracks and comes loose while vacuuming allowing dirt to completely plug to foam filter each time the vacuum is used. In looking on the Hoover web site for parts, this dirt collection trap seems to be on constant back-order, probably because of this deficiency.