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  • michael - after 20 something years of quickbooks, still fustrated

    I have been using QuickBooks for 20 or more years, was even pictured on their stationary catalog 16 years ago. I own a company called Closet Creations in Westchester NY and use the program to do my accounting, my payroll and process CC payments. Last week a pop up informed all my employees that we were entitled to a 2014 premiere upgrade so we all performed the upgrade, a 2 hour update per workstation, when we went to register the software it asked for our product code etc, when I entered our current code for premiere 5 user license it refused it, when I used the user ID option it accepted it but it turns out it was for pro version 3 user license, so my system was set up incorrectly, reloaded everything (another couple of hours) and called customer support who informed me I needed to purchase a new 5 user license at a cost close to 2800.00 and was told that I would get a refund for the enhanced payroll that I have been paying for the last 3 years since they stopped supporting the 2011 version I have. No refund, new system freezes every day, program was a slow dog to begin with now it is a dead dog, they have you by the you know what because when you are as deep into it as I am (20 plus years of data) what can you do, $2,800 3 weeks before the holidays and the program is crap, no major changes from 2011 version yet you have to upgrade or say goodbye to the whole program. By the way never received a call back from the representative on my refund, saw the premiere version in Staples yesterday for 399.00 per user maybe its new math but that does not equal 2800 (5x400=2000), I had no choice because no one could get work done once we started the switch to 2014, they used my business as a hostage to get me to pony up the money, what prompted me to write this was I went to get some work done this morning and had to end QuickBooks from the task manager once again as it froze and I am infuriated and feel helpless, hard enough to run a small business that is in the trades and then to be fleeced that kind of coin for a slow, unreliable accounting program is insane, will start to look at other alternatives once my current subscription is up

  • Rachii - Couldn't put the book down!!

    This book had me hooked from the first page! That hasn't happened in a while either. There's tons of action and suspense. I haven't really had the urge to read a book in the last year but I decided to give this one a go because of the ratings. Well there's a reason the ratings are so high...this book is fantastic!!! I've already recommended it to a few friends. I finished the book in less than a week and that's while working two jobs and a few extracurriculars. I can't wait to start on the second book!

  • CTBoš - ... than I expected but it is high quality and perfect. I carried it with me everywhere to ease ...

    The bottle is a lot smaller than I expected but it is high quality and perfect. I carried it with me everywhere to ease my infant's colic. Just a drop on my finger and it really helped.

  • John M. Thompson - Enough to make a groan man cry...

    If you've ever seen the movie "Dumb and Dumber" then you're familiar with the scene where Lloyd surrepticiously doses Harry with something called "Turbo-Lax". I have experienced this exact agony after ingesting a serving of these toxic taste treats. Extremely painful intestinal spasms, followed by massive, explosive flatulence, followed by the harrowing ordeal of all my entrails trying to escape at once from my body through my corn chute. As I sat on the commode in mortal agony, my body attempting to turn itself inside out in a cloud of noxious fumes, the kids outside the bathroom door laughing and screaming "Mom, Dad pooped himself!", "I think Daddy's having a heart attack!", my wife pounding on the door, shouting "Are you alright? ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!", the dogs barking furiously at the commotion - my single clear thought, there is still half-a-bag left...