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  • Amazon Customer - Great mouse, but not worth the money.

    Is it worth $150? No. I probably wouldnt spend more then $100 on it. But it is a quality mouse. It feels very well made, the buttons are all very responsive, the interface for macros works very nicely, if you have other logitech hardware it syncs up nicely. The wireless vs cord is exceptional, in that playing FPS shooters I notice no difference in response from wired to wireless. The battery life on it is amazing. However for me though it doesnt fit as nicely in my hand as I would have hoped.

  • Stacy Alesi - Wish I knew about the odor...

    First let me say that these products are primarily for people of color, and I'm about as pale as it gets. That said, my hair is curly, frizzy, kinky, choose the adjective so I figured I'd give it a try. But I couldn't, this product has a very strong, perfumy scent that gave me an instant headache when I opened the jar. No way I could put it on my head.

  • Amitra A. Schwols - A pleasant surprise

    I'm sad to say that I let the really bad trailer keep from watching it in the theater. I decided to rent it, and watched it with my 10 YO boy. We loved it! The characters are funny and (mostly) well written, and the plot was fun. I loved watching for the original cast, and letting my boy know who they were. I'm a bit bummed that I didn't see the extended cut - but oh well.