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  • Cruiser - I'm not sure this whitened my teeth at all. ...

    I'm not sure this whitened my teeth at all. I'm not sure what was in the syringe tubes but it did not seem very official. They are not really labeled with what it is.

  • Robert Jacob - Very pleased

    I feel somewhat safe and secure with this Norton product. I use it to scan my home, desktop computer almost everyday and occasionaly on my laptop. Gives me a good feeling of protection. Very pleased with this product. Will certainly purchase again.

  • HunnyBunchzOfOatz - Works Great So Far!

    I recently have been searching for products that help reduce and/or eliminate ingrown hairs and razor bumps. I saw a few product reviews for this product and decided to try out a small bottle of it. I'm glad I did! As soon as I used this, I noticed a significant difference in redness and overall irritation after no more than a couple of minutes. It says on the Tend Skin website to use the product twice daily until the area is cleared up, then daily (I think it says it should take about two days to clear up on average, but I could be wrong). I've been using it twice a day for about 3 days now on my bikini line and other very sensitive places (which I've always gotten horrible ingrown hairs and razor bumps when I shave) and it's about completely cleared up, and with anything else I've tried, nothing helped. I will definitely be buying this product again, probably in a bigger bottle. You are supposed to keep using the product every day if you want it to keep working, but I don't have to use much of it at a time, so even this small bottle should last me a good amount of time. Definitely worth the money to have skin free of ingrown hairs if you're going to shave sensitive places and are prone to getting them, in my opinion.

  • Dolores Burnett - Amazing!

    This product really works! I smile more freely now. It really does written crowns as well. I feel so much more confident.

  • LuvMyFamily - Very sleek, one handed design!

    Can a pepper/salt mill be sexy? Yes, yes it can! I really didn't expect this pepper/salt mill to be so large or so attractive! It is really nice! The finish is very sleek matte black finish.The design is hip and functional. It doesn't work the way other grinders work. You can fill it with either peppercorns or salt. That is pretty cool feature. It is adjustable and grinds by your squeezing the grinder mechanism and it only requires one hand! Hellooooo. Who wouldn't love that? My small child can now grind his own pepper! He feels proud and it is one less thing for me to do at the table. I say it in many of my reviews, anything that makes my life simpler is a win in my book. This is a win!

  • Amazon Customer - Cant go wrong

    Absolutely great , it's on my phone right now! couldn't be happier with spigen when my friend recommended them to me for cases, I like the concept of wallet case as well as major screen protector for the edge , can't go wrong here