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  • Thomas NYC - Good, but missing some basics.

    Good, but missing some basic stuff. My biggest complaint: there are a dozen invoice templates, but no easy way to create the most basic invoice showing past balances, payments and current balances due. So you can invoice a new item, but your customer will just get that invoice and has no idea whether she owes anything for past invoices. Pretty basic? Yes. Included in QuickBooks 2014? No. (There's a rather complicated option to customize the invoices, but it looks horrible and this should be included in standard stuff).

  • Amazon Customer - Worked, it's been about 3 months. Don't expect ...

    Worked, it's been about 3 months. Don't expect miracles from a bottle this is really side stepping a larger issue but some vehicles are not worth fixing properly. I don't think that this will be a permanent fix or that it will work on all vehicles in every circumstance, however it did work for me and it was either try the half a$$ fix or junk the vehicle.

  • EllaR - Useless

    It was delivered leaking in the box: there was a hole from which the shampoo was leaking. I still used it : it is no better than 1 dollar shampoo from Kmart. This shampoo, I suspect, it not real Peter Thomas. I first used it while staying at Hilton and loved it. This is far from that experience. Will not recommend it.

  • Robert W. - Don't get the "FREE" Episode 101 first if you want to buy the SD Version.

    Warning, I'm including this in the reviews because price is a part of perceived quality and customer satisfaction. The "FREE" episode 101 comes with the opportunity cost of the buying the SD Version. If you download the FREE episode, the $5 cheaper SD purchase option stops being available. I'm guessing some genius thought that if you as a customer is interested enough to get the interview 101 episode, than the customer could be bullied into buying the more costly HD version by eliminating the SD option. There are some great arguments for getting the HD version if you prefer, but eliminating the SD option is deliberately eliminating customer choice. These kind of tactics are enough to drive customers to digital competitors.

  • SanPa - Failure to Launch

    Software is supposed to make work easier. Sage has failed miserably starting with the simple task of product registration. While registration serves to protect the developer, Peachtree registration is an impediment, no ... an impenetrable wall, to product use. Following Sage's simple instructions, I went to the after hours registration website. After giving Sage the marketing information it sought and spurning their varied sales pitches, I was allowed access to the registration site. The problem: there was no way to access the registration panel from the site. All other functions were also disabled. After a few minutes I quit being religated to waiting until the Monday. I do not look forward to Sage's reputed voicejail queues. I'll continue this review once the software is running, but if registration reflects product utility ... I will do what I can to secure a RMA.

  • B. Morris - No more "Eggs Roulette"

    After buying my 2014 Escape it didn't take long for me to discover that the carpet in the cargo area is pretty slick. Slick as in I'd be coming home from the grocery store only to hear the 12 pack of sodas sliding around. My wife called it eggs roulette. You drive home and hope the sodas didn't take out the carton of eggs. So I got one of these.

  • Janet Marletto - Favorite

    I really enjoy hearing all of the nominees for the year. I even pur5chased it for gifts because it suits a lot of musical tastes. It is better than buying a lot of individual CD's when just the prime song is the gal.