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  • Tony - Leak sealed on Cherokee XJ

    I had a leak in my O-ring between my power steering reservoir and the actual pump on my 01 Cherokee Sport. It was leaking pretty badly, and I was having to fill up the fluid almost once a week if not more often. I figured that this stop leak was worth a shot instead of buying a new reservoir or pulling everything out and fixing the leak. I was very surprised to see that after a day of average driving there were no more leaks. So far so good, I have driven about two weeks and 300 some miles and there is no leakage from my Jeep. I am only giving this 4 stars for the time being because I haven't stopped the leak for more than a few weeks, if the reservoir continues to stay dry I will update with another star. A word of warning though, this will not fix leaks in pressure or return hoses, I tried a little of this to try to fix a leak on my high pressure power steering line and it didn't do a thing. For fixing small leaks or drips in the power steering pump/mechanism or rack though this stuff is great.

  • J. Brooks - Bad change to the product imo

    I used to love this product because I felt the result was within or beyond expectations and although not permanent the whitening lasts a decent amount of time.

  • S. Mullen - Used to be Awesome, now it's pretty gross

    How I wish I knew Avalon would be changing their ingredients. I would have stockpiled the old formula of this product because it HAD BEEN creamy, hydrating, and soaked in so nicely. It felt good to put on my face and my makeup went over it smoothly. Yesterday, I opened a new box with the words "More Sustainable" on the front. This product now feels like I'm smearing some kind of paste over my face that hardens into a white mask and feels stiff all day. Also my makeup does not go on over it very well at all. My face just feels gross all day. According to some other reviews about the new formula, Avalon has replaced some of the old ingredients for more harmful ones. How is that "More Sustainable"? I will be desperately searching online in hope that someone has found an alternative moisturizer that closely resembles the old formula. I certainly won't be buying more of this. I'm wondering if any of the new reviewers saying they love it have just lucked out and gotten a bottle of the old formula.