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  • Terese - The most perfect little invention!

    I have been living with arthritis pain in my hip for at least the last 3 years. It had gotten so progressed that I had sharp pain radiating down my leg and up into my lower back in increasing severity for quite awhile. I just got this device yesterday. I ran in at each of levels through full 15 minutes cycles in various places on my leg and lower back, last night and this morning. It is amazing! While I still felt the same stiffness when getting up the pain was much less noticeable and I was able to get myself walking less painfully and more often today. I am going to use this everyday! Highly recommend.

  • AKCh - Sturdy enough for my goats.

    I use this for a couple of goats. Was skeptical about the quality when I first received it. Each panel is pretty weak on its own, but when put together its actually pretty sturdy. I have goats that jump on top of it and it hasn't had a problem. Easy to muck out, pop panels off for cleaning and snap back together again. The igloos are still higher quality, but you can't beat the price of this unit.

  • Sandra Whiitfield - Not what I was hoping for

    I heard so much about the Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File that I rushed out to buy it but me personally I am not impressed. It just doesn't have enough power to really take away the hard skin like they advertise, I'll have to try something else.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing product!

    This product has helped me so much during my pregnancy. My tummy was itchy from the skin stretching and this belly butter eliminated that symptom. Also, as I grow bigger and bigger, I have no signs of any stretch marks. Amazing product!!!

  • Joe V - Good acne treatment!

    I have been using this product for about a week now, I did get a pimple and after the first 2 days of using it, it went away.

  • Josh F. - My favorite earbuds so far!

    So far I've been very impressed with these earbuds. The package is very nice and catches your eye easily. Just by the packaging alone you can tell this is going to be a nice product. When I opened it up I was thrilled to see that they included a really nice carrying case that isn't bulky. That's real important to me because I'm a software developer so I have to keep them in my computer case so it's a great way to protect the earbuds plus keep it helps keep the charging cable with the device so that's an A+ there. I was also supprised to find a charging cable with a lightening charger and micro usb head and a car charger and very good quality one as well! When I opened that case I was thrilled yet again. The design on this device is gorgeous. They are definitely something you can be proud to wear to your gym. The piece that goes of the ear is made of a really soft rubber which was definitely a very nice surprise. With rubber ear hooks and the earbuds that fit perfectly in your ear makes these some of the most comfortable earbuds I've ever worn. I completely understand why the cord needs to be there but in ideal world they wouldn't be, but since they are I have to say it's a really nice length. Not to long to get in the way but not so short that the pull them out of the ear. Just a happy medium.

  • Ms. Tee - I had to return these because they didn't fit.

    It's a GE thing. Pans must be matched to specific model numbers. I had forgotten and thought that they would fit all models of GE electric ranges. Not so. I should have remembered. The seller was very considerate about returning them and prompt to issue credit.