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  • K.W. Kesler - NOT THE SAME BOOK!

    These reviews for the better degree are false. They are mostly reviews for a book with a similar name titles, "Tobin's spirit Guide: Revised 2013 Edition" and not the 2016 edition, even the ISBNs are different where as the 2013 version had an ISBN of 1470035386 and an ISBN-13 of 978-147009583. There is some Tom Follery being pulled by Amazon.

  • Michelle in WI - SonOfAB***h!

    It was my mistake for not fully reading the other reviews. In my haste to finally get outlook to work in my bathroom, I failed to grasp that the book was about the forecast of manufacturing of Wood Toilet seats in China. So I'm out Five Hundred bucks, but I'm a little wiser having now read my purchase. I never expected to ever learn so much about the production of toilet seats. While I'm still unable to get outlook to work while I'm in the bathroom, I now have a greater appreciation for my newly purchased wooden toilet seat that was created in China. A fascinating read and one that kept me on the edge of my new toilet seat. So ignore the pounding on the bathroom door from the rest of the members of your household and get this book. It was the best 72 hours of my life. Although I did suffer from leg cramps and eventual numbness from sitting down for so long, but it was worth every moment.

  • ICON235 - Terrible Customer Support

    Ever try to get technical support from ROXIO? Good luck! Bought two months ago and haven't had a chance to use. Anti-virus program cleaned registry and Creator NXT stopped working as expected. Tried to repair from Creator disk and did not fix. Removed and tried to reload but the message was that the key had been used too many times. Tried web site for customer service and without purchasing a support number for $25 you are out of luck. Other products give much better support than this. I will never buy a ROXIO or CORREL product again, there are other companies that support what they sell.