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  • M. Castaneda - Not what I expected ,but I really like it

    I thought this was going to be a creamy hair moisturizer, but turns out it's hair grease! The upside is that it smells great, moisturizes my hair, and adds shine. It's definitely better than similar products I've tried in the past.

  • DJ Caliban - Intuit is little more than a scam

    I've used Quickbooks Pro 2007 for my business since switching at the beginning of 2007 from AccountEdge. I'm not a bookkeeper, and don't have time to learn to be one, and bookkeepers who can use anything but Quickbooks are impossible to find. As it turns out, bookkeepers who I would hire to use my version could barely use it as it lacked common Wintel features. Passing the company file back and fourth - what should be a SIMPLE and ESSENTIAL task, was impossible. No problem doing that with Office, with music files, video, PDF, and just about anything else. Intuit is either utterly incompetent at engineering a decent datafile or consciously choosing to screw their Mac users.

  • Richard S. - Disappointed

    I have bought the New Yorker Cartoon daily calendar for a number of years. I am disappointed that the 2014 calendar does not contain the extras, including puzzles, on the back side of the pages. I also miss the color banner at the top of the front side of the page. It seems like they cheapened it up by eliminating printing on two sides and avoiding color on the front while still charging the same price. I hope that at the least they bring back the extras for the 2015 calendar.

  • Yankee - Junk

    Spent $500 on this piece of crap. First comb lasted 6 months then died. Customer service insisted they try sending me a new charging cradle and power cord. That ate up two weeks of lost treatments. They finally had me send the comb back and I got a new one shortly thereafter. Total of about 3 weeks of lost treatment. The second (replacement) comb has now died within a month. Customer service, while polite, seems to now be implying that this is somehow my fault. Here we go again. I have handled this comb VERY carefully and they just keep breaking. Junk.

  • Amazon Customer - Almost inexcusable

    Deciding to ignore the DRM hysteria (after all, I'd been waiting for this game's release, on the metaphorical edge of my chair, for two years up to that point), I bought this game the day it came out. The attitude in the GameStop was generally positive and excited. There were other eager gamers in line with me. The cashier knew what we were all likely to ask for ahead of time.